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Our handyman services are usually billed at an hourly rate, as seen in the chart below. We do have a one hour minimum charge of $60. We can also quote on a PER JOB basis, which is what most of our customers prefer. We want to help you understand as best as possible, your total costs including labor and materials so you can plan your budget. Many of our customers send us photos of what they need done, and that really helps us. If you can send us some photos, it may enable us to pick up the parts we need on the way to your house, and that saves us a trip to the hardware store once we arrive at your place! YES WE OFFER FREE ESTIMATES!

Please send photos and a detailed explanation of what you would like to

Small jobs:

These are jobs that are more predictable and easier to estimate, also jobs that may be done in less than 4 hours, and require one trip/visit. For these types of jobs it is easier to quote on a per hour basis, although we can also give you an accurate dollar estimate if you would like a bid. For example: a leaking or difficult to turn shower handle, clogged drains, repair/replace a garbage disposal, changing a faucet, toilet repair, installing a microwave oven, fixing a door, changing or installing new door locks, assembling small furniture, installing basic shelves, replacing light fixtures, hanging a mirrors, mini-binds, repairing doorbells, installing a pet-access door, minor fence and gate repairs, among many, many other jobs we can do.

Per Project:

Per project are those jobs that require a higher level of involvement, drying/setting time between applications, return trips, etc. Example of per project jobs are: Tiled back splash for a kitchen, shower door installation, recessed lights, replacing a bathroom vanity and sink, baseboards, larger wooden fence repairs, painting large rooms, wood rot or termite damage repair, tiling a bathroom floor, and much more. Sometimes a customer feels better with a project price. That way, if unforeseen circumstances makes it longer to complete, there is a cap on the price. We will not surprise you with any hidden costs, excuses, or sob stories. We will always inform you before job completion what you can expect your costs to be!

Summary of pricing:

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Summary of Pricing

Pricing Reason
$60 Minimum charge, covering the first hour
$45 Per hour after the first hour
$25 Additional per hour per extra helper needed on a task/project
$60 After the first hour, for complex tasks that requires special skilled labor
Or emergency and after business hours